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The project “Free Debut”

The project “Free Debut”

The Russia’s only operating theater in which the actors are released prisoners.


Project “Free Debut”

Project “Return” 

The project team:

It consists of 4 highly professional and creative people:

1) Manager – Arkadiy Baranovskiy

2) Assistant Psychologist – Alex Kushnir

3) The director – Anastasia Yablokova

4) Coordinator, columnist – Irakli Bezhashvili


This project was born in the late 2010 as a part of the project of rehabilitation of released prisoners-Jews «Return». Initially, the project was conceived as a «workshop» where in the spec. training groups participants gain lost during the «imprisonment» social communication skills for future successful integration into the family and society. During six months of training the workshop formed a group of our permanent wards of 10-15 people. This workshop led them to decide to try themselves as professional actors. And this was a completely unique theatre for our country «Free debut».

The theatre gave a premiere musical composition «From letter to letter» six times, including the theater directed by Mark Rozovsky «Nikitsky’s Gate», at WW II memorial complex (Poklonnaya Hill) at Moscow House of Public Organizations, at Jewish Cultural Center in B. Nikitskaya and other places.

Competing organizations:

This project is unique (in Russia and Eastern Europe), so the organization has no competitors.

The main purpose:

We want (and we have all the abilities) to create a full repertoire of performances, which let the theater reach the financial sustainability and to tour around the country, participating in various art festivals and competitions.

Social focus of the project (mentioned in the media):

1) The «PROnas» (TV «The first channel») – The projects «Return» and the theater «Free debut»

2) The program «PrimeTime» (TV «Russia Today») – Theatre for ex-cons offers chance of return to life

3)  «The Moscow’s News» –  Photo session «From the prison on to the scene»

Business plan:

1) The vision of the project for within the next seven years (in Russian)

2) The model of social business (in Russian)

3) The business plan, budget, risks (in Russian)

Additional Information:

1) The presentation album – project “Return”

2) The presentation video with English subtitles – project “Return”

3) Recommendations and letters of honor can be reached – here 


Potential of media capacity of the project:

Very high, with appropriate capital investment project has the potential to get international recognition.

The ratio of the budget, and social impact of the project (from «0» to «10» degrees):

The highest degree (10).

Financial Statements:

The organization has financial reports, starting from the end of 2008. All reports are available here

Strong sides of the project:

The organization has very high level of professionalism, creativity and «mobility» of the project.

Weak sides of the project:

The organization has not own space for rehearsals and performances.

The main challenge to date:

To date, the main challenge –is  to save this unique project and for the opportunity to develop and transform the studio into a «full-enterprise» theater with all the necessary attributes: his own space, professional stage, sets, costumes, equipment, repertoire, and most importantly – the ability to conduct regular public performances, including for a fees.


1) Long-term loans at low interest rates to achieve financial sustainability.

2) Investments on the following conditions (as agreed between the parties):

- Acquisition of a share in the future profits of the theater;

- Advertising in the place of performance, at official meetings, media news etc.

3) Charitable donations.


To implement the business model as organization that should register a commercial company or should have appropriate commercial partner-organizer.

Contact information:

1) +7-964-500-64-86 (Arkady)

2) +7-903-716-26-56 (Alex)


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